Announcements: 1 May 2018

Good evening!

Our Annual Ceremonial Review is approaching quickly! Keep pushing as we prepare for this amazing event! We’ve got some fun things coming over the next few weeks to break up the hard work and then it’ll be the final push to end the year on a strong note!

Cadets are to be at D’coy, Kitted out from the Kitlist that was passed out at 0730 Saturday 5 May 2018. From there we’ll proceed with Intake, and mobilize to the Field training exercise. Transportation, Rations, Etc will be provided for cadets. Dropoff will be 1800 on Sunday, 6 May 2018.
Seniors Only: Please watch for direction from the Warrant Team in regards to your timings

The Pub night fundraiser has been cancelled due to lack of ticket sales! Please watch for further information!

Tuesday 8 May 2018
Will be our Final CFA of the training year. Cadets are to wear appropriate Civilian attire, and come with a full (Labelled) water bottle! It is mandatory to complete a CFA every training year to successfully pass training levels.

See you all Saturday Morning!

-2Lt Meadus

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