Announcements: 22 May 2018

I hope everyone had a great time of the RCMP Detachment! Thanks so much to the GP RCMP for allowing us to see their workplace and showing us that side of policing!

Here are this weeks announcements:

Thursday: No survivair, Excellent job at the whitecourt competition last weekend!
Saturday: Gliding (Signup here: LAST CHANCE FOR THE TRAINING YEAR
Sunday: Band 1500-1800  Drill 1300-1500

Parents: Shawns meats fundraiser has been extended until Next week, 50/50 tickets are due next week as well.

Tuesday (29 May 2018): Change of Command Ceremony, WO1 Final Parade. Dress will be C1 (Dress shirt and tie with tunic)

See you next week!

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