Announcements – 11 September 2018

  1. PARDS Grand Opening this weekend.
    1. Friday: 1500-2100, dress: Squadron sweaters
    2. Saturday: 1600-2100, dress: C1 (full uniform with medals)
    3. Sunday: 1100-1500, dress: Squadron sweaters
  2. September 17th: Rotary Food Drive box assembly. 10-20 cadets needed. Sign up posted
  3. September: 21-23: Field Training Exercise. Letter and kit listed handed out. Will also be posted on Facebook.
  4.  Annual validation forms must be completed. If you have not already done so, all cadets must go to the office on Tuesday with a parent to complete the annual validation. Any cadet without a complete annual validation will not be permitted to attend the FTX.
  5. Sign up for the Squadron Band has been posted. Feel free to sign up if interested First practice will be September 30th from 1500-1700. Contact 2Lt Meadus or OCdt Nasedkin for more information.

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