Announcements for the week of Dec 11, 2018

Thursday Dec 13 – Survivair 18:00-20:00

– Ground School 19:00-21:00

Sunday Dec 16 – Drill Team 13:00-15:00

– Band 15:00-17:00

– International Papers Kids Christmas Party: For cadets that signed up to help with this event please be at the Reach Centre (11850 108 St) for 14:00 you will be there till 17:00. Please wear your uniform without your tunic and tie. If you are a member of the Drill Team or Band and are attending the event you are excused from those practices.

Monday Dec 17 – Marksmanship 19:00-21:00 Only for the marksmanship team. Other shooting days your the rest of the squadron are to come.

Tuesday Dec 18 – We will be having our X-mas party instead of a regular training night. Our warrants have asked that cadets wear “Comfy Christmas casual wear” for the evening (No uniform). They have a ton of fun activity and games for the evening ( you’ll all get to see a few officers embarrass themselves with Karaoke!!).


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