Announcements: Week of May 7, 2019

Thursday May 9: Survivair 1800-2000

Friday May 10: Drone 1800-2000

Saturday May 11: County Cleanup meeting at Entrance of Carriage Lanes (Carriage Lane Dr) We will be starting at 0900hrs and will be ending whenever our section is finished. So that means the more cadets we have the faster it will go. Please wear weather appropriate clothing as well as your squadron t-shirts and sweaters.

Sunday May 12: Drill 1300-1500; 1500-1700

Tuesday May 14: Regular training;

Annual General Meeting for the 577 Parents Association starting at 1830. We ask that all parents attend as we are looking at filling 4 positions within the association for next training year. The parents committee is one of our primary sources of fundraising that goes towards all the fun extra activities and trips not covered by the Department of Defense. We ask that more parents get involved so that this group continues on otherwise our cadets will not get the opportunities they do now.


General Announcements:

-Our Field Training Exercise is from May 24th-26th. The cadets will be bused out to Grande Cache on the Friday and will be returning the Sunday evening. A signup has gone up and an info letter has been sent home. A digital copy will be posted here within the next few days or you can grab a physical copy from the office.

-Reminder that our Mess dinner and ACR are June 7th and 8th respectively. Please mark these days down as they are mandatory for all cadets. Mess dinner will be in the evening and is for cadets only. ACR is an all day event for cadets, in the evening the official parade will start around 1745 and is open to all friends, family, acquaintances, etc…

More details will be sent home in the near future.

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