Announcements: Week of May 21st, 2019

Friday May 24th: FTX departure. We will be leaving from the Armouries at 1730hrs, we ask that all cadets arrive at 1700hrs for kit check and attendance. If you need a kit list or the permission forms they will be posted below.


Sunday May 26th: FTX returning to Armouries at 1800hrs

Tuesday May 28th: Regular Training C1 (full uniform)


General Announcements: 

-Mess dinner June 7th for Cadets ONLY.

-ACR June 8th cadets will be there for the majority of the day, timings will be announced soon. Parents and other guests are welcome to come to the parade in the evening.

-June 1 we have another gliding day from 0830 to 1530hrs, the sign up is in the Armouries. If you have already gone flying this year please do not sign up and let those who haven’t gone go.

-Drill team we have decided to have extra practices before ACR. Please let OCdt Trepanier know if you can’t make any of the days we discussed. If you forgot the days and times see the calendar.

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