Announcements: Week of Sept 3, 2019

Sunday Sept 8 – Parade position tryouts open to all F/Cpl and up. F/Cpl and up may tryout for 2IC, F/Comm positions. F/Sgt and up can tryout for all positions (including warrant positions) At the D-Coy Armouries from 1300-1600

Monday Sept 9 – Marksmanship tryouts for the list of cadets below at the D-Coy Armouries 1900-2100. If you are not on the list it just means you will be scheduled for a later Monday for tryouts. Those for this week are;

WO2 Zhang, F/Sgt Emson O, Sgt Dougherty, Sgt Buchanan, F/Cpl Cisneros Suarez, F/Cpl Simpson, Cpl Buller, Cpl Edmundson, Cpl Emson I, Cpl Loxam, Cpl Zhang S

Tuesday Sept 10 – Regular training resumes 1830-2130. The dress for the night is C-4A (see attached reference), for new cadets please wear appropriate civilian attire. Registration is open all year long so bring your friends to sign up as well.

Orders Of Dress Reference

General Announcements.

-Returning cadets if your parents have not completed your Annual Validation form they need to come in and do that as soon as possible.

-Survivair will be starting up starting Sept 12th 1800-2000

-Fall FTX (Field Training Exercise) Sept 20-22. A kit list and more details will be out next week

-Senior Professional Development Day – Oct 19, 2019  0900-1600 at the D-Coy Armouries, this is a training day aimed and tailored for senior cadets to help improve their skills to provide junior cadets a better experience. This is open to current F/Cpls and up, lunch will be provided. More details to come later.

-For any new parents and cadets this is where our weekly announcements and updates will be posted. Any event mentioned here will also be on the google calendar located on the calendar page of this website. If you are a returning cadet/ parent and know any new cadets/parents that may not know of the website or Facebook group please show them so they do not miss any announcements or updates. Thanks

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