Biathlon Cadets: IMPORTANT

Good morning

Cadets signed up for biathlon, you have been asked to start working on your running and fitness at home. If you are able to make it the army cadets have invited us to their practice on Saturday Sept 14. I’d like to see you guys come as it will be a good starting point for training, it will also let you mingle with your army counterparts since we will be practicing with them in the future. I will be out there regardless if you are able to make it, I recommend if you can come to come but I know this is very last minute and not all of you can make it.

We will be meeting at Thrill Hill for 1000hrs and will go until 1200hrs. Please wear clothes you can run in and for the weather, and bring a water bottle that is full. I’d also suggest eating about an hour before the practice.

thrill hill

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