Announcements: Week of Oct 1, 2019

Saturday Oct 5 –  Biathlon practice at Thrill Hill 1000-1200hrs, please dress for the weather and bring water.

Sunday Oct 6 – Band rehersal 1300-1500hrs;  Drill team 1530-1730hrs please bring your wedge and boots.

Monday Oct 7 – Marksmanship practice for the chosen team only 1800-2000hrs. Tryouts are now over, good job to all those that tried out. There will be other days for everyone else to experience and participate in marksmanship activities.

Tuesday Oct 8 – Meet and Greet Potluck 1830-2130hrs We ask that you bring a dish with enough for around 12 via the list by last name below. We also ask that you bring serving utensils and mark everything you bring with your name. This potluck is open to cadets and their immediate family ONLY (ie.. mom, dad, siblings)

A-H Desserts,  I-R Mains,  S-Z Sides and Salads

Dress for the evening will be C2  Orders Of Dress Reference


General Announcements:

-Ground School will be starting soon so please keep an eye out for more information on that.

-Survivair and Drones will pushed back again as we are in a transition period for supervision as we say goodbye to 2Lt Potter who is leaving us next week.

-Senior Professional Development Day Oct 19th 0900-1600hrs for all level 4 cadets and up


Parents Association:

-Reminder that the Shawns meat orders are due back next week Oct 8th.

-Cash calendars are due back to Veronica Dougherty by Nov 5th

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