Summer Training

2019 Joining Instructions!

Joining instructions contain kit lists, Suggestions on how to prepare for summer training, order of dress for travel, and Parental pick up or Drop off forms. If you plan to attend the graduation parade at the Cadet Training Centre (CTC) and pick up your cadet, you MUST complete the paperwork or your cadet will not be released to you. Travel itineraries are individual based and will be sent to the individuals directly. 

Click the Applicable joining instructions below

CTC JIs – Cold Lake – 2019

CTC JIs Comox, Vernon 2019

CTC JIs – Whitehorse 2019

CTC JIs – Gimli – 2019

The Cadet Summer training program consists of the following

Level One: (Two Weeks)

  • General Training Course (GTC)

Minimum Level Two: ( Three Weeks)

  • Basic Drill and Ceremonial Course (BDCC)
  • Basic Survival Course (BSC)
  • Basic Fitness and Sports Course (BFSC)
  • Basic Aviation Course (BAC)
  • Basic Aviation and Technology and Aerospace Course (BATAC)
  • Military Band – Basic Musician Course (MB-BMC)
  • Pipe Band – Basic Musician Course (PB-BMC)

Minimum Level Three (Three and Six Weeks)

  • Advanced Aviation Course (AAC) (Three Week Course)
  • Drill and Ceremonial Instructor Course (DCIC)
  • Survival Instructor Course (SIC)
  • Fitness and Sports Instructor Course (FSIC)
  • Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course (ARMIC)
  • Military Band – Intermediate Musician Course (MB-IMC)
  • Pipe Band – Intermediate Musician Course (PB-IMC)

Minimum Level Four (Six weeks)

  • Military Band – Advanced Musician course (MB-AMC)
  • Pipe Band – Advanced Musician course (PB-AMC)

Staff Cadet

  • Positions available at various cadet training centres

National Courses (Three to Seven Weeks depending on the course / exchange)

  • Advanced Aerospace Course (AASC)
  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course – Airport Operations (AATC-AO)
  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course – Aircraft Maintenance (AATC-AM)
  • Glider Pilot Scholarship (GPS)
  • Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS)
  • International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE)
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