This Week: 

Thursday Oct 24th

  • Survivair 1800-2000hrs

Thursday Oct 24th

  • Ground School 1900-2100hrs

Friday Oct 25th

  • Biathlon practice at the armouries 1800-2000hrs please be ready to run

Monday Oct 28th

  • Marksmanship 1800-2000hrs

Monday Oct 28th

  • Biathlon Practice 1900-2100hrs at the armouries please be ready to run

Tuesday Oct 29th

  • Halloween Social 1830-2130hrs. No uniform, wear a costume or appropriate civilian attire if you don’t want to dress up. There will be games and other activities throughout the night. We ask that cadets bring the following for the event. By last name;
    • A-F bring chips
    • G-M bring soda or other beverages
    • N-S bring candy/sweets
    • T-Z bring Snacks/finger foods (other than chips or candy)
    • As a reminder this is still part of our regular training and is still mandatory to attend and is for cadets only no family.
  • No Band, Drill, or Drones this week

General Announcements:

  • Nov 2 is the Biathlon Zone Competition so biathlon cadets please make sure you are practicing on your own and that you have the day booked off.
  • Remembrance Day ceremonies are coming up soon and as a reminder that attending one of the official ceremonies is MANDATORY for all cadets. Details of the timings and what ceremony you will be attend to come soon. If you would like to attend an official ceremony other than the Grande Prairie ones please come talk to the office about it.
    • Some schools will be having their own ceremonies. If you would like to wear your uniform for those ceremonies you are allowed. For details/ rules for that will be announced next week.


Parents Association: 

  • Purdys campaign is now okay to start. Follow this link, and or send the link out in emails Facebook posts whichever. You will have to sign up but it takes you to the 577 campaign. they are already signed up please give them this number for our campaign 49140
  • Shawns Meat orders will be ready for pickup next week
  • Cash calendars are due back Nov 5th sold or unsold