Announcements: 10/11 May 2021

  1. cadets are asked to please email a photo of themselves in uniform to These will be used for ACR Presentations\
  2. Warrant Officer Boards will take place 25 June 2021 at 1900hrs via google meet. Interested WO2 and FSgt should apply in the trg-office channel on Discord attn CI Finlayson
  3. ACR IS COMING! 1 Jun 2021 is our Annual Ceremonial Review. There is only ONE PARADE LEFT until ACR!
  4. There will be no training 24/25 Mar due to the long weekend, and no trg 31 Mar. All cadets are expected to attend ACR on 1 Jun (Including Monday Cadets)
  5. vCTC info will be communicated as it is received

Announcements: 03/04 May 2021

Here are this weeks announcements
  1. For our upcoming ACR, Please submit a photo of yourself in uniform for the awards portion
  2. CAF Famil Presentation will occur on discord on 04 May 2021
  3. Survivair 6 May 1800-2000 hrs
  4. Band 9 May 1300-1500hrs
See you next week!

Announcments: 26/27 April 2021

  1. Staff cadets are eligible to apply for ITSMC positions. See the Summer Training page for more details
  2. Provincial virtual Effective Speaking contests results are published. Receiving the Bronze Medal for third place and a cheque for $200 is Sgt I Shi from 83 Juno Beach Squadron Receiving the Silver Medal for second place and a cheque for $300 is Sgt M Treherne from 65 Ponoka Air Cadet Squadron Receiving the Gold Medal for first place and a cheque for $500 and the Jack Bennett Memorial Trophy is WO1 S Anning from 185 Olds Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
  3. ACR is coming Tuesday, 1 June. Only 4 Parades until then.
  4. Summer CTC Deadline for applications are 30 April 2021
  5. Survivair 1800-2000
  6. Band 1300-1500
See you next week!

Announcements: 19/20 Apr 2021

  1. Summer vCTC deadline for applications is 30 April, Information can be found:
  2. There is a Drone acrobatic demo presented by 124 Peace River RCACS on Wednesday 21 April 2021- 1830hrs Link can be found here:
  3. Last Saturday there was a leadership panel with some amazing speakers, the recording is now viewable here:
  4. ACR is coming, Tuesday 1 June 2021. 5 Parades until then and only 6 weeks from now. It will occur on google meet
  5. Survivair Thursday 1830-2000
  6. Band Sunday 1300-1500
  7. Regular Virtual training next week, with a presentation on our new Flight Simulators for when we're back in person!