COVID-19 Updates

Updated: Oct 14, 2020 @ 20:18hrs

Please recent update post below for information about this years start up. You should have received an email and/or phone call with this information if you did not please contact the unit.

-577 Staff


If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact the unit at


UPDATE: Training 2020-2021

We have finally been approved for in-person and virtual training for this training year. Emails and phone calls have been sent out with information regarding the start up for this year. The coming dates are important so please note the following
  • Monday Oct 19/ Tuesday Oct 20, 2020 Parents night to update paperwork and answer questions about the coming year. No cadets are to attend these nights. Parents we ask that you come on the evening your cadet has been ask to attend to help keep numbers balanced and social distancing in place. No one will be allowed in the armouries without a mask or if they have Covid-19 symptoms or contacts. The times for these two evenings are 630-9pm
  • Monday Oct 26/ Tuesday Oct 27, 2020 will be the first night back for cadets, social distancing and masks are mandatory! There will no uniforms this evening so appropriate civilian clothes, and we will be carving pumpkins and getting back into the familiarity of things as well as learning how to operate in with the new health guidelines. IMPORTANT cadets will only be able to attend the evening they are listed for!! You cannot choose which evening you attend one week from another. If you come on the wrong evening you will be turned away unless discussed prior with the staff and CO. If you are sick or have Covid-19 symptoms stay home!
We are working on virtual training options for individuals who are unable to wear masks but needs to be discussed with training staff first. We're excited to have you all returning!! -577 Staff

IMPORTANT – update for cadets applying to virtual summer training.

An important note for cadets applying to the online summer training. The email that was originally provided to us is incorrect, please send your application emails to If you sent your email to, please re-send it to the correct address. Thanks, and sorry for any confusion.