About 577


We the 577 Dragonriders are located in the great city of Grande Prairie, AB and have been since 1953.
Within our squadron we have our cadets participate in as many activities as they can handle, from a range of fun filled adventures.

Activities & Tours

Team Building

Training Activities

Some of our mandatory training activities are our regular training nights which we have weekly every Tuesday filled with learning, parades, and ever so often extra activities such as tours of local RCMP detachment, Fire halls, and more. Guest speakers are also asked to come in and give live demonstrations of different occupations for our cadets from time to time. We also have 2 annual Field Training Exercises (FTX’s) which are to sum it up a big camping trip with our whole unit where are cadets learn survival and team building skills. These events are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun things we do!!

We also host a large variety of extracurricular activities and groups that are completely optional and open to all our cadets.

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Extracurricular Activities and Groups

We also host a large variety of extracurricular activities and groups that are completely optional and open to all our cadets.



Yes biathlon!! We have biathlon in the cadet program which is open to all our cadets. Don’t know how to biathlon… No worries we’ll teach you how!!

Drill Team

Ever seen the videos of groups of people moving in perfect timing and positioning. Yup that’s a drill team. Our drill team is all about precision timing and teamwork. Think you can keep up?

Effective Speaking

Hate public speaking? Everyone does at one point but our effective speaking program can help you snap out of that nervousness and become the best speech giver in the world. We’ll help you prepare and execute your own speech about a topic of your choice!


Ready! Aim! Fire! The mighty Daisy Air Rifle is a cadet marksman’s rifle of choice. Interested in the precision accuracy of Air Rifle Marksmanship, then our marksmanship program is for you.


A major part of the cadet program is the band program. Know how to play an instrument? Don’t know how to play an instrument? No sweat your welcome either way.

Drone Program

Wanna fly tiny little robots around a building without your parents yelling at you? Well then we got the club for you! Come learn the ins and outs of drones and the safe, fun operation of them.

Ground school

In the program to learn how to fly? Then Ground schools the place to be. Ground school is filled with fantastic lessons on the parts, operation, and maintenance of aircraft and is a must have for any inspiring pilot.


A club dedicated to the art of survival, how could it get better? How about when your learning how to survive with friends! Survivair is all about the outdoors and friendship, and everyone has a place.


To sum things up

On top of all of these great activities you think we couldn’t do more… well you’re wrong. We also go on fun trips that are all about the cadets and making sure they have fun.

Supporting our local community is also important to us and we help out other local organizations whenever we can. Some notable ones are the Canada Day parade, STARS Hangar Dance, TSAR training, and much more.

Of course all of these activities wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our parents committee who spend countless hours fundraising and working to ensure our cadets get the opportunity to do all of the things we mentioned above.

So if you or someone you know is interested in anything above then join us now!

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