This Week:

Thursday Oct 31

  • Ground School 1900-2100hrs at the D-Coy

Friday Nov 1

  • Biathlon Practice 1800-2100hrs at D-Coy. Will not take whole practice time but plan to be there whole time if needed

Saturday Nov 2

  • Biathlon Zone competition at D-Coy Armouries. Please be there for 0845hrs NO LATER. Plan to be there till about 1300hrs (wont take that long but plan in case) Parents of competitors you are encourage to come and watch the competition.

Sunday Nov 3

  • (UPDATED) Band Rehearsal 1300-1500hrs, Drill Practice 1530-1730hrs

Monday Nov 4

  • Marksmanship at D-Coy 1800-2000hrs

Tuesday Nov 5

No Drones or Survivair this week.

General Announcements:

  • Nov 16th we have been asked to provide volunteers for Children’s shows held at the Bowes Family Gardens. We need cadets to sign up to help this event you will be needed for 4 hours from 1130-1530hrs. A sign up sheet has been posted on the side wall in the Armouries
  • Remembrance Day (Nov 11th) ceremonies are MANDATORY for all cadets to attend. More information on timings and locations will be announced next week. If you would like to attend a ceremony outside of Grande Prairie please let the office know.
  • If you would like to wear your uniform during a school ceremony you are authorized to wear it. You must change into your uniform at school prior to the ceremony and change back into civilian attire after. DO NOT wear your uniform all day.

Parents Association:

  • Cash Calendars sold tabs, cash, and unsold calendars are due back next week Nov 5th
  • We as the Parents Committee are attempting to update our Email list, If you haven’t received an message from me and would like to be on our Mail out lists to get updates and information regarding fundraising etc. please email us at
  • We still need a couple of Christmas wrapping spots filled,
    follow the link and see where you can fill in,
  • Good day! Here is a little more information for the Purdys chocolate campaign. campaign Number is 49140
    your orders are due by Nov 19, campaign is closed after that date.
    Purdys to deliver the orders to D-Coy Dec 3
    (we will need help sorting and bagging that night)
    If someone from outside of our area creates an order, you have to figure out how to deliver it to your customer. Purdys only makes one bulk delivery.
    Follow this link, and or send the link out in emails Facebook posts whichever. You will have to sign up but it takes you to the 577 campaign.
    If they are already signed up please give them this number for our campaign 49140