This week:

  • Thursday Feb 6
    • Survivair 1800-2000hrs
  • Friday Feb 7 
    • Drones 1900-2100hrs
  • Saturday Feb 8
  • Sunday Feb 9
    • Band Rehearsal 1300-1500hrs
    • Drill Team 1530-1730hrs
    • Mock Scholarship Boards 1900-2100hrs
  • Monday Feb 10 
    • Marksmanship 1800-2000hrs
  • Tuesday Feb 11
    • Sports and Fitness night. Regular times of 1830-2130hrs in civilian attire for running and moving around. Please make sure you bring a water bottle and indoor shoes. NO UNIFORMS.


general announcements:

  • Before Christmas our cadets wrote Christmas cards to our deployed troops across the world. We have one of our cadets whose card made a difference to some of those troops and they returned the favour. With Cpl Pilgrim’s permission we are sharing the letter and photo he received back from troops deployed in Latvia. (CplPilgrimLetterFromTroops)
  • Again we thank the Grande Prairie Fire Department for coming in last night and demonstrating their work for our cadets.