ZTO Trivia Contest

Good afternoon cadets hope everyone is safe and healthy. We have something new for you to have fun with ?

ZTO trivia contest

All answers for the week are due to me by noon on the Wednesday following the week the questions were issued for. Cadets must email their answers directly to me at This will run for 4 weeks with round one (hopefully only round) finishing on May 6. Each Wednesday I will put out a leaders board along with the answers for the previous week so cadets can track their progress. Gift cards will be awarded to the top three cadets

Please make sure you email he is our zone training officer

Here are this week’s questions


1. The cadet program operates as a partnership between the Department of National Defense and ____________________________________

2. Once realizing you are in a survival situation, the lost individual should evaluate the 5 elements of survival. What are they and which one is the most important?

3. What term is applied to a process where one uses twine to stop the end of a rope from fraying?


1. What is the formula for calculating distance when you know time and speed?

2. List the 3 official goals of the Canadian Cadet program

3. Describe how to identify rain clouds.


1. When moving in double time, what is the correct position for your arms?

2. What is the term used to identify the method of sailing upwind?

3. What type of map is most commonly used by the Land Element of the military?


1. When there is sufficient time to implement it, the cadet program encourages the use of _____________ _______________ to problem solve.

2. The Battle of Britain lasted from____________ to _________________

3. List three principles of leadership taught in the cadet program


1. This term is used when you turn to have the stern of the boat pass through the wind.

2. If the decision has been made that you need to self-rescue, direction markers become a critical tool that can assist people searching for you. Describe three methods of creating direction markers.

3. When giving a 4 digit grid reference, what order are they given in?

Good luck everyone

Stay safe

Capt. Hartman