Announcements: Week of Nov 9/10, 2020

This Week:

  • Monday Nov 16th/Tuesday Nov 17th, 2020 – Regular training at the Armouries 1830-2130hrs in C3E (Add tunic) ( Orders of Dress Reference )
  • After next week, having no uniform will not be accepted. Start getting into supply to get your uniform parts if you need them.

PSRY training is this Saturday, Nov 14th.

    • The cadets who joined between Dec 2019 and present are scheduled for 0830-1100hrs on Saturday Nov 14, 2020 at the Armouries
    • Level 4 cadets are scheduled for 1130-1400hrs on Saturday Nov 14, 2020 at the Armouries

Virtual Ground School – there is a sign up on the website! Any cadet that is older than 14 can sign up. More info can be found on the announcement

Remembrance Day Ceremonies – The Grande Prairie Legion will be livestreaming their indoor ceremony this year on their Facebook page: at 10:40am. We encourage all of you to go watch and take part in this event, even if we can not be there in person.

Cash calendars are due back on Nov 17th as a reminder.