Announcements: Week of Feb 8, 2021

This week:

  • Feb 15/16, 2021 NO Training for Family Day – see you all on Feb 22/23
  • Feb 20, 2021 A CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) Familiarization presentation will be taking place from about 1000hrs to 1300hrs roughly. It is open to all cadets and will have Current and retired members of the CAF discussing and talking about the work they do/have done in their service. A link for the presentations will be posted soon. Cadets are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • Some of the course descriptions and requirements for virtual summer training courses have been updated, however we are still waiting on most of them. The form for signing up will be posted when we have the majority of them up. Please keep in mind that you can choose up to 7 options for virtual ctc’s and must prioritize them in order from 1 – 7. The deadline of Feb 17 for those applications is being pushed back to accommodate for the delay in the forms release. A new deadline will be posted when the form goes live, so please keep an eye out for that. 
  • Those interested in the CAP program please see the supplementary training page for more details. The description for this will be updated in the coming days as we receive more information. 
  • Those who won prizes during our January parades should have or will soon be receiving your prizes so please keep an eye out for them. 
  • Also just as a reminder for all, if personal information such as email, phone numbers or addresses change you NEED to inform the squadron staff. If we do not have updated contact information we may not get information to you as needed, this especially with staff doing door drop offs of many of our physical objects to meet with health guidelines. We need to go to the right house!


As always thank you for continuing to be involved in the unit during these times and have a great week off!