Virtual Training Reminder – 26 Oct 2021

Cadets and Parents/Guardians,

This is a reminder that our first virtual training session will take place this coming Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021 via Discord. Senior Cadets (Sgt and Up) are to be online at 1830hrs, with all remaining cadets online for 1930hrs. We will conclude no later than 2030hrs.

Information on how to join the virtual training session is here:

Virtual Training

Discord does have an age restriction of 13, however, our environment is secured and safe so we ask that if you are not yet 13 or uncomfortable providing your actual birthdate, use a different one that you can remember.

if you have questions, please contact the staff via email at or Text 780 538 3610

See you Tuesday!

Lt Meadus
Commanding Officer, 577 RCACS