Announcements: Week of Mar 22, 2022

General Announcements:

  • Extra-curricular sign-ups are still available. See below what, when, and where. If you have questions about each group please ask. 
    • Survivair (Starts Apr 7, 2022)- Thursday nights 1900-2100hrs  D-Coy Armouries, please see CV Vogelesang for the sign-up sheet
    • Drill Team (Starts Apr 3, 2022) – Sundays 1300-1500hrs  D-coy Armouries, sign-up form here **SIGN-UP**
    • Band (Starts Apr 3, 2022) – Sundays 1500-1700hrs  D-Coy Armouries, sign-up form here **SIGN-UP**
  • Summer Training – Summer training opportunities are back for summer 2022. Returning cadets can apply through the following form **(Summer Training Sign-Up)** Level 1 and Level 2 (1st/2nd year cadets) cadets can now submit an application as well. 
    • Senior Cadets wishing to staff for summer training please let Lt Nasedkin know by next Tuesday of your interest.

This week:

  • **Tuesday Mar 29 – No Training -Spring Break**
  • Tuesday Apr 5, 2022: Fitness night 1830-2130hrs D-coy Armouries. Cadets are asked to wear appropriate fitness attire (including footwear) and bring a water bottle with their name on it.