(UPDATED May 26 1950hrs) Announcements: Week of May 24, 2022

this week:

  • Thursday May 26, 2022
    • Survivair 1830-2100hrs D-Coy Armouries
  • Saturday May 28, 2022/ Sunday May 29, 2022
    • Spring Field Training Exercise (FTX) – Location: Camp Wapiti. Please see attached letter that was also physically given to cadets this evening regarding this weekends FTX. General notes from the letter, both days junior cadets will be dropped off at Camp Wapiti for 0800hrs and picked up for 1600hrs. Senior cadets arrive at 0700hrs on the 28th and 0730hrs on the 29th (pickup time is same as junior cadets). Dress for both days will be FTUs with either issued tilly hats or appropriate civilian hats. Other layers of civilian attire should be worn based on the weather. Lunch and snacks are provided, cadets are asked to eat breakfast before coming both days, as well they MUST bring a full water bottle. ** FTX Letter – Spring 2022  **
  • Tuesday May 31, 2022
    • Regular Training – 1830-2130hrs D-Coy Armouries – Dress will be C5 (FTU)  ** FTU Order of Dress **

General Announcements:

  • Upcoming Events
    • (UPDATED May 26 1950hrs) May 31, 2022 –  D-COY Armouries 630pm start time. Parent Association Annual General Meeting – Save the date parents as there will be important topics to discuss and vote on.
    • June 11, 2022 – Annual Ceremonial Review – Year end parade to showcase all the cadets hard work. Timings and location will be announced as we get closer. This will be the final parade for the training year and will be off for the summer besides cadets who are attending CTC’s.
  • This website will be the primary form of communication for announcements, calendar dates, and resources. Please look on the website for answers to questions BEFORE asking senior cadets and then lastly Staff.
    • As well if you are reporting an absence please contact the squadron number at 780-538-3610 via text preferably or Ext 0 for the Administration Officer.