Announcements: Week of Dec 6, 2022


  • Thursday Dec 8, 2022 –
    • Groundschool 1900-2100hrs at D-Coy Armouries in training rooms 3 & 4. Civilian attire
    • Survivair – 1830-2100hrs at D-Coy Armouries – Civilian Attire
  • Saturday Dec 10, 2022Squadron Sports Day at D-Coy Armouries. 1000-1500hrs for Senior Cadets, 1030-1500hrs for Junior Cadets. Lunch will be provided, and please bring a water bottle with your name on it. Please dress in appropriate athletic attire
  • Sunday Dec 11, 2022
    • Drill Team – 1300-1500hrs at D-Coy Armouries
    • Band Rehearsal – 1500-1700hrs at D-Coy Armouries
  • Monday Dec 12, 2022 – Marksmanship 1800-2000hrs at D-Coy in civilian attire. Thank you for all that came to tryout! The 2022-2023 577 Marksmanship Team has been selected. From now on marksmanship on Mondays are for the team only. There will be other opportunities for the rest of the squadron to shoot. 
  • Tuesday Dec 13, 2022 – Regular Training 1830-2130hrs at D-Coy. Dress for the evening will be FTU’s FTU Order of Dress


  • Parents are asking for parent and cadet volunteers for Christmas gift wrapping at the Prairie Mall in late November and Early December. Sign up here if you are interested.
  • Every first Tuesday of the month is a Parent/ SSC Board Meeting @ 630pm at the Armouries. For December this will be Dec 6, 2022



  • Dec 23, 2022 – Jan 9, 2022 – Winter Break Standdown NO TRAINING
  • Jan 14 – Senior Cadet Leadership Seminar
  • Jan 21 – Squadron Marksmanship Day
  • Jan 28-29 – Music Clinic: Edmonton
  • Feb 17-19 – (in this range of dates) Marksmanship Zones


  • Supply reminds all cadets that if you borrow uniform parts for the evening to return them. 
  • ALWAYS check these announcements first before contacting squadron email/phone or
  • If you are reporting an absence, please text the squadron number at 780-538-3610, it is easier for the administration team to manage those messages as the phone is not actively monitored throughout the week. You may still call the number and leave a message however, but these are the only accepted methods to excuse an absence.
  • If you are a parent interested in becoming a screened volunteer for events like bottle drives and fundraisers, please reach out to the squadron email to get that process started.
  • Please find links to our Public Facebook page and Private Group (Group is for current squadron cadets and parents only). We use these groups to share photos and other stuff like that. Official announcements are still made to this website first and foremost.