Announcements: Week of Sept 12, 2023 (2023/09/13)

Again welcome back everyone and welcome to our new cadets and families!!


Returning cadets if you weren’t able to make it to annual validation night, no worries validations can be done upon your return. (Note validations must be completed before you can participate in training activities)


New cadets our website is the best place to ensure accurate and up to date information on training activities. Make sure to check here at least once a week.


This week:

  • Saturday Sept 16, 2023
    • First Biathlon practice, cadets signed up for Biathlon please meet at the D-Coy Armouries for 1000hrs in athletic attire (dress for the outdoor weather). We will then be walking to Thrill Hill to learn some basics of biathlon as a sport and beginning physical training. Finishing for 1200hrs back at the D-Coy.
  • Monday Sept 18, 2023
    • First Drill team tryout – 1700-1900hrs at D-Coy Armouries, dress will be civilian attire. Tryouts will go for 3 weeks and then the team will be made. All cadets welcome to tryout!
  • Tuesday Sept 19, 2023 
    • Regular Training – 1830-2130hrs at D-Coy Armouries. Dress will be FTU’s for returning cadets. If your uniform does not fit or you have not been issued a uniform yet please wear appropriate civilian attire. 
  • Saturday/ Sunday Sept 23-24, 2023
    • Fall Field Training Exercise – Please see the attached letter (Fall FTX Letter 2023) for FTX details. As well as a kit list (FTX Kit List) for the weekend and (Sign-Up) sheet to give us numbers for the weekend. All cadets welcome, and if attending please use the sign up form attached to ensure you are attending. Cadets with incomplete annual validation paperwork will not be allowed to attend until it is complete. 



  • Sept 18 – Drill Team tryouts/practices start (All cadets welcome)
  • Sept 23-24 – Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX)(All cadets)
  • Oct 5 – Survivair Starts (Open to all cadets)
  • Oct 17 – Wings Parade (Tuesday night, ceremonial parade)
  • Oct 28 or 29 (TBD) – Biathlon Zone Competition (Closed to only biathlon team)
  • Nov 28 – Meet and Greet Potluck (All cadets and immediate families)


  • Air Cadet League of Alberta Cash Calendars are available again this year for fundraising. Calendars will be available for pick-up at the beginning and end of Tuesday night training. 
  • Every first Tuesday of the month is a Parent/ SSC Board Meeting @ 630pm at the ArmouriesNext meeting Oct 3, 2023



  • Parents you are highly encouraged to come into the armouries during closing announcements/parade. That way you can hear all the information directly! We normally start them around 915pm.
  • Please pass along where the weekly announcements are located to new cadets and parents.
  • Welcome to all our new cadets and families!! If at all throughout the year you have questions reach out your senior cadets or staff. Information about events, dates, and activities is always posted to our website and Microsoft Teams (new cadets will get access in the coming days). Please check these places first for information before asking questions, they will likely answer them for you and eases the number of questions are staff handle (We do all work full time jobs outside of cadets).