Announcements: Week of Apr 23, 2024 (Updated 2024/04/23)

This week: 

  • Sunday Apr 28, 2024
    • Band Rehearsal – 1300-1500hrs
    • Power Fam Flying – 1600 + 1700 Hrs – Details/Signup Here:
      Note: Unless you are contacted and notified for the flight please do not show up unannounced.  Exact timing and locations will be distributed to those accepted for flights via Email 
  • Monday Apr 29, 2024
    • Drill Team – 1700-1800hrs 
  • Tuesday Apr 30, 2024 
    • Regular Training – At D-Coy Armouries 1830-2130hrs. Dress for the evening will be FTU FTU Order of Dress


  • Sunday April 28 – Power Fam Flying
  • Saturday May 4 – Power Fam Flying
  • Sunday May 5 – Power Fam Flying
  • Saturday May 11 – Drill Comp (Drill Team)
  • Sunday, May 12 – Virtual Music Level Testing
  • May 25/26 2024 – Spring Field Training Exercise.
  • June 8, 2024 – ACR – Annual Ceremonial Review (all-day event) – MANDATORY FOR ALL CADETS



  • Every first Tuesday of the month is a Parent/ SSC Board Meeting @ 630pm at the Armouries. Thank you to all the parents who attended this week! Next meeting May 7, 2024



  • Please ensure any absences are texted or voice-mail to the squadron number – 780-538-3610. Emailed absences will not be accepted!
  • Those cadets that registered and started the OGS are welcome to help out with the Grande Prairie Cadet Flying site this spring.  Activities will be Saturdays and Sundays in May and June at the Grande Prairie airport.  It is a great opportunity to experience the cadet gliding program.  Lunch is provided.  You will be helping push gliders, record flight times, strap in passengers, hold wings/tails for takeoff as well as other duties. To participate you must complete an Authority to Participate form and have your CO sign it. Contact Capt Lynch for more details and for the form.
  • Parents you are highly encouraged to come into the armouries during closing announcements/parade. That way you can hear all the information directly! We normally start them around 915pm.