Summer Event Updates

We wanted to provide an update on the two local events 577 will be participating in during the summer stand-down period.

Canada Day

There will be a tri-service Flag Party marching in the Canada Day Parade in front of the Royal Canadian Legion float. Participating cadets have already been contacted. The full squadron will not be marching in the parade this year due to lack of staff availability to supervise. Participating cadets are to be dropped off at the Legion at 1230, they can be picked up on the east side of the London Drugs parking lot at roughly 1530. Order of Dress is C3B  Section 5 Service Dress – C3 – unless there is a drastic change in the forecast between now and then.

Grande Prairie Regional Airshow

After further coordination with the airshow planning committee, there have been some changes to what they require cadet volunteers for. We will now be helping with the set-up and teardown of the airshow on Friday 26 July and Monday 29 July. We need as many cadets as possible for this event as the more people we have the faster it will go. Timings are approximately 0900 to 1700 for each day, dress is FTU. More information to follow. You can sign up for the clean-up and tear down here:

If any cadets or parents wish to sign up to be volunteers during the airshow on the Saturday and Sunday (July 27/28) on their own they can do so here: Please keep in mind that this is not an approved cadet activity and cadets are not permitted to wear their uniforms if they sign up to volunteer. I am simply passing on this information and the cadet program bears no responsibility for you if you engage in this volunteer opportunity. More information on volunteering at or attending the airshow can be found on their website

If you have any questions, please reach out through your chain of command.