Announcements: 19/20 Apr 2021

  1. Summer vCTC deadline for applications is 30 April, Information can be found:
  2. There is a Drone acrobatic demo presented by 124 Peace River RCACS on Wednesday 21 April 2021- 1830hrs Link can be found here:
  3. Last Saturday there was a leadership panel with some amazing speakers, the recording is now viewable here:
  4. ACR is coming, Tuesday 1 June 2021. 5 Parades until then and only 6 weeks from now. It will occur on google meet
  5. Survivair Thursday 1830-2000
  6. Band Sunday 1300-1500
  7. Regular Virtual training next week, with a presentation on our new Flight Simulators for when we’re back in person!

Announcements 12/13 Apr 2021

  1. The CAP at home activity has concluded. Thank you to all the cadets who participated and we appreciate you patience in regards to the links to connect.
  2. WO2 Woyciehouski has reached the Mandatory age of retirement from the Cadet Program. Congrats Ronan, on a Successful cadet career.
  3. Summer CTC Virtual course descriptions are now published, Link is here. Please sign up for these courses as soon as possible if you are interested.
  4. Applications for the Cadet Advisory Council are due immediately, Please forward your interest to the chain of command
  5. There will be a Drone Aerobatics Demo Hosted by 124 Peace River, on Wednesday 21 April 2021. The link will be posted in the Gaggle area of Discord the day of the event.
  6. Saturday 17 April 2021 there will be a Leadership panel open to all cadets. This is strongly encouraged for senior cadets and will have the following panelists:
    Dale Kendall – Officer Commanding Leduc RCMP, 24 year RCMP member in variety of roles and responsibilities
    LCol Michele Claveau (retired) – Former RCSU(NW) CO 37 years CAF
    Ken Simon – Former Coxswain HMCS CALGARY, ACO and CIC officer, 46 years CAF
    Dan Goff – President, Equity Rentals, a very successful property development and management corporation in Grande Prairie.
  7. Survivair will occur 1800-2000hrs 15 April on Discord
  8. Band will occur 1300-1500hrs 18 April on Discord

Announcements: 29/30 Mar 2021

Here are this week’s Announcements

  1.  Band Cadets are invited to join on a Air Cadet band performance to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Air Cadet Program! Information can be found on the #General-Band Channel in Discord or Here
  2.  The In-person CTC Course have unfortunately been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There will still be employment options for staff applicants and virtual courses offered. If Public health measures permit there will be local in-person courses offered as well. More information can be found
  3. The Cadet Activity Program (CAP) has been changed to be Virtual only, Information can be found at and cadets are stongly encouraged to sign up as soon as possible! they’re filling up fast and some courses are already filled up, we encourage you to sign up for multiple courses that may interest you
  4.  There will be a Virtual Leadership presentation for all cadets on Saturday, 17 April 2021 at 1030hrs – 1230hrs featuring incredible panelists. Dale Kendall – Officer Comming Leduc RCMP, LCol Michele Claveau (Ret) – Former CO RCSU(NW) and 37 Years in the CAF, Ken Simon, Former Coxswain HMCS Calgary, and Dan Goff – President, Equity Rentals. It will be a very cool and informative presentation. We encourage as many cadets that are available to attend.
  5.  DRMAC Conference – the DRMAC is Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness will be conducted as a one day conference, conducted virtually to air cadets and staff from the RCSU NW, it will run Sunday 11 April 2021 from 0900-1600 hrs and will be delivered by the PSP Edmonton Staff via Zoom. The purpose of MFSA is to prepare personnel in all ranks and positions to promote mental fitness and to reduce the incidents of mental health injuries including deliberate self-harm and suicide within the military community.  This is a course that is delivered to the CAF and will be modified slightly for our purposes. it will be open to 2 Senior Cadets and 1 staff member per Squadron.

  6.  Survivair wil be conducted this week at 1800-2000hrs
  7. . The CAP Program will be conducted from 5-9 Mar 2021
  8.  There is no Virtual Training next week, 5-6 Mar 2021 Enjoy the break!

  9.  Band Sunday 11 Mar 1300-1500 Hrs


Lt Meadus
Deuputy Commanding Officer

Announcements: Week of Mar 15, 2021

This week:

  • Thurs Mar 18, 2021 – Survivair (virtual) 1800-2000hrs
  • Sun Mar 21, 2021 – Band (virtual) 1300-1500hrs
  • Mon Mar 22, 2021 – Regular Virtual Training 1830-2100hrs
  • Tues Mar 23, 2021 – Regular Virtual Training 1830-2100hrs